Deploying RocketCyber Agent Using Kaseya

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This guide will walk through using the Kaseya agent procedure to deploy the RocketCyber Agent.

First, a few notes about the agent procedure:

  1. The console generates an agent procedure per customer that automatically includes the information required to deploy the agent, specifically the license key and the url.
  2. The agent procedure first checks to see if the agent is already installed before performing an install.
  3. If the agent procedure does not detect an installed agent, it will download the agent installer package to the local machine and execute it.

To begin, logon to the RocketCyber console, from the left hand navigation menu click on All Customers.

Next, click Deploy for the appropriate customer.

Click the Download button to download the agent procedure script for the desired customer.

Next Logon to Kaseya VSA and click Agent Procedures from the main navigation bar.

Next, Choose a destination folder to import the procedure into to. Right click on the folder name and select Import Folder/Procedure

The import procedure dialog will be displayed, click the camera/browse button on the right of Upload an XML file for import.

Browse to the file previously downloaded from the RocketCyber console and click Open.

Next click Save to upload the selected agent procedure.The agent procedure should now be listed in the folder you selected.

Click on Schedule / Create from the Agent Procedures navigation, then click on the newly imported agent procedure in the list.

Notice that the imported agent procedure contains the customer name. This will make it easier to identify the specific agent procedure per customer when running deployments across multiple customers.

From the schedule view, you can now select the appropriate devices and create a specific scheduled deployment or click Run Now to execute the agent procedure on all selected devices.

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