Configuring the SentinelOne App

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The SentinelOne App allows you to access your SentinelOne antivirus threats right on your RocketCyber dashboard

How to Set Up

  1. Find your SentinelOne API Token
    1. Log in to the SentinelOne portal
    2. Go to the user menu on the right and select My User
    3. There may be an option to Generate API Token on the main user page. If not, go to Options > Generate API Token
    4. Copy the generated token
  2. Add the API Token to your SentinelOne App configurations
    1. Go to your RocketCyber dashboard
    2. Enable the SentinelOne App in the App Store if you have not already done so
    3. Go to the customer you will associate with this SentinelOne API token
    4. Click the gear on the SentinelOne App to access the configuration menu
    5. Paste the API Token into the box
  3. Enjoy the convenience of SentinelOne threats delivered directly to your RocketCyber dashboard!

Important Details

  1. This API token will last for 6 months. After that time you will need to follow this procedure again.
    1. You will get a warning in your app one week before the token expires
    2. To refresh the token, follow the exact same procedure outlined above.
    3. Paste the new API Token into the box, exactly like the first time. It will overwrite the old token
  2. If at any time you wish to revoke that token, you can click Revoke API token in the SentinelOne user menu, one item above the Generate API token option

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