Configuring the Webroot App

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The Webroot App allows you to access your Webroot antivirus threats right on your RocketCyber dashboard

To set up your Webroot App on RocketCyber, you will need the following pieces of account information:
1. Username
2. Password
3. Client ID
4. Client Secret
5. GSM Key/Parent Keycode

The sub-parts of Step 1 will guide you through how to get the bolded items

You will need to have your Webroot instance configured as an MSP for the API access menu to be visible.

How to Set Up

  1. Collect needed Webroot login information
    1. Log on to your Webroot dashboard
    2. Go to Settings
    3. Go to API Access
    4. Select New
    5. Enter a name and description so that you will remember what these credentials are used for, then click Create
    6. Write down your Client ID and Client Secret. You will need these to log in to RocketCyber
    7. Now, back on the Settings menu, go to Account Information
    8. Write down your Parent Keycode (sometimes called GSM key). You will need this to log in to RocketCyber
  2. If you have not already done so, enable the Webroot App in RocketCyber's App Store
  3. Fill in each piece of information in the Webroot config and click Create
    1. Go to your RocketCyber dashboard
    2. Enable the Webroot App in the App Store if you have not already done so
    3. Go to the customer you will associate with this Webroot API token
    4. Click the gear on the Webroot App to access the configuration menu
    5. Enter each piece of information into the box labelled with its name
  4. Enjoy the convenience of Webroot threats delivered directly to your RocketCyber dashboard!

Important Details

  1. If at any time you wish to revoke that token, you can delete the API credentials in your Webroot dashboard by following steps 1A-1C, then select the credential you wish to delete and click the Delete button

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