Autotask Ticket Creation

Updated 2 months ago by Daniel Westendorf

RocketCyber supports Autotask ticket creation via the ATES mailbox. Tickets will be created for Accounts in Autotask which a matching Customer name in Rocketcyber. Additionally, the ticket will be connected to Configuration Items in Autotask which have a Reference Name matching the selected Device identifier.

 To enable the integration, we'll first need to configure the ATES mailbox in Autotask.

  1. Go to Admin > Features & Settings

2. Select Application-Wide (Shared) Features > Incoming Email Processing

3.  Edit the Add Ticket Email Service (ATES) item 

4. Ensure the ATES mailbox is active and has a Service Provider Password set. 

5. Lastly, we'll configure RocketCyber with the Service Provider ID and Service Provider Password for the ATES mailbox. In RocketCyber, navigate to Provider Settings > Notifications for your MSP account.

6. Configure the Autotask ID with the Service Provider ID provided by the ATES mailbox. Additionally, the Autotask Password should be populated with the configured Service Provider Password for the ATES mailbox. Lastly, select the relevant Customer and Device identifiers and Enabled Events. 

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