Office365 and AzureAD App FAQs

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    • Simply go to the configuration screen for that customer. There will be a button that says Remove linked Microsoft account from this customer.

  • When I removed a Microsoft account from a customer, there was an error. Did it work?

    • If the configuration screen now shows the option to link a new account, this indicates that the account was successfully removed.
    • All app results for all Office365 apps associated with that Microsoft tenant are deleted when you remove/unlink a Microsoft account. If you no longer have any app results for Office365/Azure AD apps, then the Microsoft account was successfully removed.

  • I was configuring an Office365 app and got the error message Password incorrect or MS account linked to another customer

    • The most likely reason for this error is that you attempted to configure this customer to link with a Microsoft account that is already associated with a different customer. If you are unable to figure out what account that may be, contact support and we can provide you with a list of what accounts are associated with what customers.
      • This can also happen if you did not log in to multiple accounts via the Azure portal prior to configuring customers
    • If you are certain that this is not the case (e.g. you have not configured any other customers), contact support

  • What Microsoft licenses are required for each app to work?

    • There are two basic licensing schema that are relevant to this question: Office365 plans and Azure AD plans.
    • Note that Office365 E3 comes with Azure Premium P1
    • Note that Office365 E5 comes with Azure Premium P1 and P2
    For apps which require an Azure license:
    You need to add this license to the administrator account that you will be using to link to the customer (and only to that account, you do not need Azure Premium licenses for all accounts in the tenant)


    Office365 Requirements

    Azure AD Requirements

    Secure Score

    Any Office365 plan


    Azure Directory Auditor

    Any Office365 plan


    Login Monitor

    Any Office365 plan

    Azure Premium P1 or P2

  • My Secure Score values are consistently behind

    • Microsoft only calculates updates for Secure Score values once per workday, and the day must be complete before they begin calculation. They do not usually calculate updates on weekends or holidays.
    • If you are more than 2 workdays behind, contact support.

  • You have some results that do not appear on my Office365 portal

    • Microsoft records have limited retention periods. While we also delete old records in order to ensure sufficient space to provide you with the best service, with proper triage we can maintain the most important older records longer than Microsoft. As of 9/25/2019,
      • Office365 E3 accounts retain records for 90 days
      • Office365 E3+Cloud App Security addon retains records for 180 days
      • Office365 E5 accounts retain records for 1 year

  • Why does the cloud dashboard graph show that one of my customers had a zero for secure score?

    • All customers are shown on a single graph to improve visibility of overall trends. Because customers may have begun using Microsoft products at different times, it is possible customers may have different amounts of Secure Score data available. A date for which a customer does not have data available is displayed as zero.

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