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Professional Plan

Managed Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Managed Security Operations Center (SOC)


Flat monthly rate per device, firewall, or Office 365 user

Flat monthly rate per device

(this plan applies to devices only)

Flat monthly rate per device, firewall, or Office 365 user

What do I get?

Access to all our apps, which automatically provide you with timely threat intelligence

Access to all RocketCyber device focused apps, and RocketCyber security experts to analyze your results and provide a customized remediation plan.

This plan expands the timely analysis and remediation of our EDR center to your firewalls and cloud presence


What is your minimum purchase?

We have no minimum purchase. If you would like to put only 1 device on at first, feel free

Why does the security for firewalls and the cloud (SOC) cost more than for regular devices (EDR)?

Analyzing individual laptops or desktops is a fairly common activity in the security field, with established best tools; and one in which many of the required tasks can (and must) run on the computer being protected.

In contrast, security tools for a cloud presence are newer, more expensive, and must run on our RocketCyber servers -- all of which increase cost.

Similarly, analyzing firewall logs is a much more difficult and time-intensive task than analyzing an individual computer. A well-used firewall may generate GBs of log data per day, which requires more of our security experts' time. As a result of both the volume of traffic and the variety of potential threats, we must devote more threat intelligence resources to a firewall than to a normal desktop or laptop.

What if I am on the Pro plan and don't understand the results?

We try to give some general guidance with each of our apps, but the Professional plan is designed for organizations that can afford a security professional with the training and experience to understand the results coming from our apps. If there are occasional questions, please feel free to contact us; but if you need help investigating results on a consistent basis, we would ask that you move to an EDR or SOC plan.

The EDR and SOC plans are designed to enable every MSP to offer security. We provide all needed security expertise, so that you can focus on your business

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