Configuring Office 365 apps

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In order to configure Office 365 apps, you will need a valid administrator account for each Microsoft tenant (not one global administrator account that has access to all tenants).
If you intend to link two or more (2+) customers, you must log into at least two (2) accounts via the Microsoft Azure portal.
If you intend to configure many customers, it is highly recommended that you sign into all accounts on the Azure portal. This will make the process much easier.

Configuring Office 365 Apps

  1. Go to the App Store and enable desired apps.
  2. Go to a customer (These apps must be configured at the customer level because you are linking a specific customer with their Microsoft tenant)
  3. Select the gear at the bottom of the tile to configure one of the enabled Office 365 apps. It does not matter which app you configure
  1. Select Log in to Microsoft Account

  1. Link this customer to the correct Microsoft account
    1. If you have already logged into these accounts via the Azure portal, simply select the correct account from the list
    2. If you have not already logged into this account, enter the credentials
      If only one Microsoft account is signed in, Microsoft will helpfully attempt login with the first credentials entered for every customer. This is why you must sign in to at least two accounts on the Azure portal
      Only one Office 365 app need be configured for each customer. Once any Office 365 app is linked to a Microsoft account, all other Office 365 apps will sync to that account automatically.
  2. That's it! You should begin to see results within five minutes.
    1. If you are not seeing any results for Secure Score after 5 minutes, unlink and try this process again. If there continues to be no results after 15 minutes, contact support.
    2. For other apps, consider whether results are expected. For example, there is usually some type of Azure Directory Auditor information. On the other hand, unless you do significant business overseas there should not be Office 365 Login Monitor results.

Removing a Microsoft Account

  1. Go to the app configuration for the customer whose Microsoft account you wish to remove as described above in steps 2-3 above.
  2. Select Remove linked Microsoft account from this customer

  1. Wait a moment for the page to refresh. The account, and all associated records are now removed
    If you wish to verify that the account was removed successfully, enter the app configuration again. It should give you the option to link an account. Alternatively, you could check whether all Office 365 app results have been deleted (they are removed as part of the process to ensure data does not leak between customers)

Accidentally Synced a Customer to the Wrong Microsoft Account

  1. Just remove the Microsoft account and try again!

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