All Microsoft Licenses Required for Office 365 Apps

An easy reference to know what Microsoft licenses are needed for each RocketCyber Office 365 App

Microsoft has two basic categories of licenses that are relevant here

  1. Office 365 plans (Business Premium, E3, E5. etc.)
  2. Azure AD plans (Azure AD Premium P1, Premium P2, etc.)

For apps which require an Azure license:
You must add the Azure P1/P2 license to the account you use for RocketCyber.

If you have 100k machines and all have Azure Premium P1, but your admin account does not have a plan including Azure P1 or P2, the login monitor will not pull data.

On the other hand, if you have 100k machines and none of them have Azure P1/P2, but the admin account you use for RocketCyber does, you will be able to pull login monitor data



Office 365 Requirements

Azure AD Requirements

Secure Score

Any Office 365 plan


Azure Directory Auditor

Any Office 365 plan


Login Monitor

Any Office 365 plan

Azure Premium P1 or P2