ConnectWise API Credentials

How to get all credentials needed to create a ConnectWise API integration with RocketCyber

For an API integration, you will need:

  • Your company id (what you use to log in to ConnectWise.  e.g. rocketcyber)
  • The host you use in ConnectWise
    • This will be first part of the URL of your ConnectWise account while you’re logged in.  For example:

This must be an API url.  It should begin with "https://" and usually includes "api-"

  • Public and private API keys
    1. Go to My Account > API Keys
    2. Select “+” to add a new API key
    3. Enter the description as “RocketCyber”, and select the floppy disk save icon to save and generate a new API key
    4. These are your public and private API keys.  Make sure you copy these down.