Kaseya API Credentials

How to get everything you need to create a Kaseya PSA integration with RocketCyber

You will need:

  • Your Kaseya company and server url
    • Go to your profile in the Kaseya dashboard.
    • Record your Company Name and the first part of your Gateway URL
      • The url is usually of the format https://<something>.kaseya.com

    • Your username and password
      • These are the normal username and password you use to log in.  If you would like to create a user with fewer permissions, ensure that the user has the "Administrator" security role.  
      • If your company uses custom roles, the user created for this integration must have a role with the special feature “Has API Access” enabled
      • If making a custom role, we will need access to read CRM in order to pull a list of account names, read system in order to pull the setup data for tickets, and full read/write/update on service desk to add/update tickets