Office 365 Apps Suddenly Stopped Working

Troubleshooting for Office 365 Apps

Easy Fixes

  • Did you change the password for that account? Microsoft will invalidate tokens granted with credentials that are no longer valid. Simply remove the account and sign back in with your new credentials
  • Try removing and re-adding the Microsoft credentials (in the configuration menu). Just like turning a computer off and on again, this fixes nearly every problem
  • If you have Secure Score and Log Monitor functionality, but there are no events on the Login Analyzer, verify that the account you have used to log in has an Azure Premium P1 or P2 license assigned to it.
  • If none of these actions restore functionality for your Office 365 apps, contact support.

Removing/Re-adding Microsoft credentials will result in pulling old data.  
This may require some triage if you haven't set up whitelisting